Biography of Joshua Hartloper

Joshua Allen Hartloper was born on October 29, 1979 (38) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a dynamic American city with deep Native American roots. In his early life, Joshua was frightened of public school, loved playing basketball and golf, rushed home to watch Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, collected Superman and Batman comics, listened to MC Hammer on cassette, and read magic trick books.

Magic has always been in his blood.

Two weeks after his 33rd birthday, Joshua experienced premonitions of people and places. Without warning he began to demonstrate metaphysical abilities and unexplainable physical body changes. During the course of his daily activities, he unexpectedly met the people from his charismatic visions. Each delivered a very special message that changed his life forever.

Since his profound awakening first began, Joshua has been riding the shock waves of an intensely awakened spiritual life and he has witnessed many things. Everything from spontaneous and miraculous healings to hoax alien abductions and real ET genetic programs. These events have touched him deeply and shaped his reality in ways that are largely inexplicable.

In his boundless search for the Universal truth and wisdom behind his divine intervention, Joshua has explored the work of many celebrated spiritual thinkers and philosophers. On this path to awakening, he inherited the Vipassana teachings of Gotama the Buddha as preserved in pure form within the Golden Land of Myanmar (Burma) and handed down from teacher to student for over 2,500 years.

“My services are focused on global consciousness expansion and the acceleration of our planet’s spiritual evolution.” Joshua explains. “Its my sincere hope for humankind that everyone will awaken to their full potential and this is the driving force in my life.” He is a proud advocate for the global exopolitical movement that promotes the unfettered release of suppressed technologies, full disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence engaging planet Earth and the great revelation of humanity’s true origins.

Joshua Hartloper is an internationally respected energy intuitive, professional lecturer, mentor, author and storyteller best known for helping people around the world achieve wondrous things. His spiritual journey is detailed in an upcoming three part book series. In volume one, Joshua will explore spiritual awakening and discuss his riveting close encounters with extraterrestrials, inner earth civilizations and the secret space programs.

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