Secrets of the Blue Lady – Pt. 3


Before the new year, I was sitting at lunch with a friend. I remember it was a beautiful day. Clear skies and a gentle breeze from the Mediterranean. Early morning kundalini yoga worked up my apatite. I was hungry.

Several minutes into the meal, I started to receive a transmission:

“Joshua…It’s time!” the thought voice said.
“Who is this?” I asked.
“You know who.”
“Where do we meet up? What’s this about?”
“Please go to the mountains! We will guide you.”
“When?” I asked.
“As soon as you can.”
I leaned over to Tori and said,
“Another contact has been requested. I need to go to the mountains asap. You come with me this time.”
“ME” Tori asked with a surprised grin.
“Sure. Why not?”

There is a special protocol in place I use to decipher and validate transmissions. Tricksters, malevolent beings and covert government are known to use advanced technology to confuse their targets. With time and experience , I was able to develop the skill to realize the difference between a technology assisted consciousness transmission, remote viewing, telepathic thought projection, influence operations, consciousness assisted technology, etc.

This particular contact was a little sketche.


We continued with our meal and the next day I contacted another friend about the upcoming event. I took the extraterrestrials silence after I invited Tori as a sign it was ok for these people come with me. So many things had happened over the years, I thought it would be good to finally have a few witnesses to whatever was about to transpire next.

We decided to proceed with caution.

The next morning we prepared ourselves for a trek into the mountains. Boots, bags, water and a few snacks to hold up over for the afternoon. We got a late start. When we arrived at the base of the mountain I began to questioning we had enough daylight. Once we started up the trail I began to receive step-by-step instructions. They claimed I’d be able to hear them better and better as I got closer to the portal location.

Finally, we reached the top. Then I realized we would not make it back down before dark if we didn’t turn around. Before we started moving, I felt compelled to call an acquaintance that had attended a few of my local events on extraterrestrial contact. She was mild mannered English women that claimed to be a “grid keeper.” I called her and she explained to me that there was a temple in the mountains and confirmed the portal location provided by the sphere beings 6 months earlier.


With the portal location identified, we retreated down the mountain and returned the next day bright and early. When we arrived to the location you could feel the energy was different. The colors were brighter and everything was flourishing inside this energetic anomaly. I looked up and could see two metallic spheres in the air above and what looked like cracks of white light piercing the pale baby blue sky.

In that moment , I realized my dream the night of the previous sphere being contact 6 months earlier had now become a reality. I was standing in the mountains. The spheres beings, which I believe are a race of beings known as the ATACAMA HUMANOIDS, we’re flying above me and I was standing there with Tori and Renee who were the two women depicted as silhouettes.

Atacama,extraterrestrial, gentic, samples, x-ray, autopsy, skeleton, SIRIUS, documentary

Atacama Skeleton X-Ray from the SIRIUS Documentary

Then I heard in my mind with great clarity.

You have now arrived to the first location.
Tell us when you are ready to receive the first message.
We are ready!” I acknowledged.
This is very important time.
Please know that your service has been valued.
As we move forward please know physically, mentally and emotionally you will experience many changes.
This location will serve as a place for you to manage these changes.
What do you mean by manage?
Manage means a place you can go to feel connected and here you will see and hear.
It is important you remain open as we will become more visible to you.
In time you will be able to move beyond your space-time and into a new civilization.
Its important that you understand what we are saying to you.
Are you ready?
Now is the time you will receive much information.
Please do not be afraid. Listen…Love!
Love will take you where you need to go.
There are many people working on this.
You are not the only ones.
Who are the other people working on this?
You know the others working on this.
The people you need to work with will come to you.
Stay Focused!!!
Learn to listen…that inner voice will guide you.
All you need to know will come in time.
That is all you need to know for now.
We love you!
Can we share this location?
It is probably best that other people do not know this location.
You have much work to do.

On our way down the mountain I made a remark about a tree near the portal that look as if it had been broken I half like tooth pick. Snapped in the middle, however it was not a thin, young tree. It was old, thick and broken at the bottom.

Looks like a ETV extraterrestrial vehicle slammed into a tree on its way out of the portal when it crossed into our spacetime. Reminded me of a strange fire I observed on the mountain one morning after a hard rain. I always wondered what it was that could have caused the fire on such wet terrain.

Suddenly a voice said,
“That happens sometimes.”

That night I had a dream about a temple in the mountains at the portal location. Then, my friend Krystal called me and cancelled our appointment the following morning because something had happened.

…..she said, mysterious artifacts had been discovered.

Locals call it, THE BLUE LADY.

Joshua Hartloper (c) Copyright Notice

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