Secrets of the Blue Lady Pt. 4


Eager to hear Krystal’s story about The Blue Lady, I telephoned as soon as I received her text message. I didn’t tell her much about the temple (portal) in the mountains we were guided to by the extraterrestrials in the previous days. Back then, there were so many plot twists and turns it was nearly impossible to predict where all these experiences would eventually lead. Synchronicity after synchronicity, contact after contact and we had just reached another significant milestone.

“What’s the word Krystal?”

“Sorry I must cancel our appointment. Seems like something important is about to happen.”

“I think so…the last few days have been exciting for us to say the least. What’s going on?”

“As have been guided to a special location in the village. Locals call it the Blue Lady and they say its a portal. Apparently, when the property owners purchased the land, as a condition they were asked to promise to never remove these artifacts.”

“Fascinating” I replied.

“They said they were told the extraterrestrials come to help us someday, and when they do, they will come through here. Krystal explained. “They believe there are only 12 of these locations around the world.”



I was able to convince Krystal to introduce me to the property owners under the “pretext” I was interested in leasing their rental property to host a meditation retreat. I didn’t know how much they knew about this “blue lady” location. Plus I didn’t want to discourage these villagers for fear they’d call me crazy and deny future access to the site.

The night before I was scheduled to meet the property owners I had a very important dream.

Inside a spacecraft I was shown a command center. Like the main bridge on Star Trek where the starships leadership rests. The crew were a variety of different humanoid extraterrestrials, all wearing white robes and positioned as if they were posing for a family portrait.

“This location is a major contact zone for the Brotherhood of the Light.” a thought voice said.

The next morning I proceeded to the agreed upon meeting place. It was a long ride deep into the mountains on a very cold winter morning. I nearly crashed the car because I hit a patch of black ice on my way around a sharp bend.

That morning the CD player in the car stopped working. Then I received my first transmission regarding the days events. It was the Blue Lady, not the portal. But the actual blue human non-terrestrial I had been communicating with for the past few years.

“We want you to listen carefully to what this women has to say to you Joshua.”
Nothing more was said. And I didn’t ask any questions.

When I arrived to the coffee shop Krystal was patiently waiting. I got out and she immediately asked that we take a coffee and chat for a short time before she took me to meet the property owners. After being prepared for her message I anticipated some profound revelation. Instead I got a friendly lecture and a few heart felt recommendations on how I could improve my communication skills.


“These are regular people….if you know what I mean….they are not into this type of stuff…Try not to speak in absolute terms. Use words like “apparently, etc.” to soften your message if you decide to speak with them about the extraterrestrials.”

I paused as I laughed silently for a moment.

“Krystal seems to have gotten to know me well.” I thought.

She had attended one of my lectures on ET contact and true earth history a few months prior so, she knew how strongly I felt about my work. It takes a different type of strength to discuss extraterrestials or other controversial information when you are dealing with those among us whom are riddled with fear, paranoia and other conditioned responses. Destructive energy is the inescapable part of the evolutionary process throughout all creation. Often times it takes an agitator to act as a catalyst to bring the nessacary change required to move the process forward.

“I wasn’t planning to reveal myself today or tell them anything that may leave them speechless. Only make an introduction and tour the site if you can get me close.” I replied. “We will need to return here again when its time.”

“Okay. I don’t want you to scare them.”

After tea we loaded into my girlfriend’s shitty, yet functional grey 4 door Citroen and proceeded up the mountain to the region the Blue Lady Artifacts rest. That car barely had enough strength to make it up the mountain. Nevertheless, we made it to our destination where we were greeted by a very lovely German couple.

I didn’t waste anytime.

After a short meet and greet I proceeded into examine the portal location.

Blue, Lady, Artifacts, Portal, Cosmic, Web, Disclosure, Gaia, Project, Tara, Light, Brotherhood

Blue Lady Artifacts – Joshua Hartloper

At the left side there was the image of a blue women with an elongated skull etched into a stone wall, and the womb was removed from her image. The womb was placed on the opposite side of the blue lady image approximately 10 yards away on what appeared to be a make shift tomb stone embedded within a natural impediment on a shallow embankment.

My first impression was,

“Great energy here..palpable…although this portal isn’t very intimidating and the location seems to hide itself naturally deep within these mountains.”


The portal was tucked away in the back of a valley that gets sun only half of the day. Quiet and discreet, this location would serve as the perfect spot for an elite group of voyagers to transverse our spacetime into an new civilization.

To date, my research reflects the earliest reference to the Brotherhood of Light first appears from approximately 10,500 to 17,500 B.C. prior to the fall of ATLANTIS.

Joshua Hartloper © Copyright Notice

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