No one can escape the cycles of time.

The moment we are born into this world until the moment we die is measured as a unit of time referred to as one lifetime. During the course of each lifetime we complete many large and small cycles within cycles. Like the gears in a watch.

Have you ever seen the inside of a watch?

Try to visualize an old watch. Remove the cover and peak inside. What do you see? A bunch of small moving parts yes. Like what? One or two large gears, maybe a few small ones. Maybe a rode, a cone or battery. Wires and a few plates with screws, maybe an estranged hole or two.

In my view, this is how cycles work. At one point the two gears (people) conjoin for a specific purpose, at a carefully coordinated moment in time. Next, they break apart after completing their purpose, and each one moves in a separate direction. Maybe they overlap with other gears or maybe they simply act as a catalyst for the other moving parts to fulfill a different function. Depending upon the placement of each gear and its role in the watch’s design, maybe they come together again or maybe they do not.

The last several years have proven that my life moves in big and small circles like the gears inside a watch. Noticeable changes take place in my life every 2 years, 5 years, 7 years and 11 years…like clockwork! (pun intended) The more I awaken and align with divine will, the clearer the signs and signals become that change is imminent.


For example, I returned to Thailand with my best friend and former partner in late October 2017 after living and working in Spain for approximately 5 years. We wanted to spend the winter in Asia and learn Thai Massage so, I suggested we start in Bangkok before heading North.

After several days in Bangkok, we headed North for Thai Massage training in Chiang Mai. For a change of pace, half way through the course we decided to rent a motorbike and ride into the city for Indian food. I googled Indian restaurants in the old town and picked the one with the best reviews that was open at the time we wanted to eat. It was a 30 minute trip into the city so, I turned on Google maps and off we went.

On our way into downtown Chiang Mai, we kept seeing repeating number 7’s. Billboard sales ads read 7777 bhat, license plate numbers 7777, telephone numbers 0777777,etc. The synchronicities were non-stop every step of the way as we approached the city.

We finally arrived to the restaurant and sat down. A few minutes after we ordered drinks, I realized we were sitting at table #11, in front of a 7/11 gas station and it just so happened to be November 11 or 11/11.

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“Go figure!”, I said with a grin.

That’s when it dawned on me. I looked across the street and realized we were sitting about 50 meters away from the exact location I met my ex-wife 7 years ago to the day!

My first trip to Thailand took place in late October 2010, and I spend about ten days in Bangkok before I flew to Chiang Mai on that trip as well. Several months after we met, my ex- wife claimed she had received advanced knowledge of our “chance” encounter before that fateful evening 7 years earlier. I’ll save that story for another posts. For now, all I’ll say is that she was the one who inspired me to move to Spain.


I have now completed a major 7 year cycle and the course has now changed – a new direction unfolds.

But a question still remains!

Am I the driver or the co-pilot?

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