Every since I discovered I was involved in these so called “secret space programs” I have petitioned the Universe repeatedly for assistance with the memory recall process. Over and over I have replayed critical events in my mind, hoping to pick up another piece to the jigsaw puzzle. Struggling to keep my eyes open, I would find myself pleading for answers late into the night.

Please, I need my memories back. …give me a total recall!

What kind of people could take a young boy from his family? Huh? …take him to Mars or wherever and then return him to his family traumatized and brainwashed?

What did these people do to me? Etc.

These people are sick! They will never win!

Anger is a normal part of the grieving process I feel. The dark wounds will heal. I’ve already cleared so much and know I’m truly blessed. I feel I’m well within my right to be a little pissed off and want to know the narrative of my own life experience.

Ignorance has never been the answer to any challenge I have ever faced.

Rebellious hearts find treasure through uncomfortable learning.

MILAB, abduction, experiment, experience, mind, control, programs, monarch, mkuktra

I choose to remember!


Those MILAB parasites thought I would self destruct or something worse.

But I’m stronger than they thought! That’s not my path, its not my karma. Good will triumph over evil and there is a point in which they will never be permitted to advance on this world. Having said all that, I’m pleased to announce evidence has emerged to support my claims. After months of pleading for assistance from the Universe, I have received a reply to my hearts desire.

Synchronicity has brought me together with a research team with special equipment. They do not advertise their services because the equipment is restricted for public use. Not because its classified government technology, stolen property or anything like that. Although, oddly enough they did need to meet the distributor for this device in a discrete Southeast Asia location.

Restricted for public use means this machine is powerful and like so many other breakthrough technologies, there are interests that do not want these devices on the open market. For example, free clean energy systems that could end our dependency on fossil fuels. And don’t forget those potential cures for cancer that have been available for close to 100 years.


The results from my assessment are complete.


“One of the most unusual “readings” I did….
The Intake Clearance showed a huge interfering field _ I needed to balance that to zero before I could enter into your field….
The unusual interference kept showing up in your analysis – it made me think of a client 6 years ago who was brainwashed in the 80’s.

(I didn’t know, but he told me later….)

The interference shows up in several places:

  • Light with unwanted external influences
  • Shen (psyche) imbalanced by external influences
  • Your mental energy (in your Yuan-Qi Miracle meridians) isn’t strong enough and shows unusually high imbalances
  • Your pericardium and heart meridians are all affected – Shen’s (psyche) main stay is a.o the heart center.
  • The referred to event/situation in your Miracle meridians is “Medical interaction under narcosis” but with the highest impact I have seen up till now.
  • Memory imbalances (page 5).

Your situation is different from the other man: for him his hippocampus was physically blocked/impaired.

In your case it seems they a.o. made an energetic seal in your Yuan-Qi Miracle meridians.

Yuan-Qi is similar to mental energy and the carrying Miracle meridians are heavily involved in memory functions.

I feel this will help me get my memories back.
Any experience with that? Can you help me with a total recall?

I haven’t lifted a seal like yours before, but if we restore the flow of Yuan-Qi as a new seal, it will overrule the old seal.

The Miracle meridians are at a much deeper and fundamental level than our regular meridians. Their impact is much more systemic.

The Miracle meridians a.o. hold the access to our own part of the Akasha.

The seal seems to block that partly, meaning you have limited access to the storage of the events/situations of your life.

In other words: you lost access to part of your memories.

Miracle meridians also hold access to our morphogenetic information.
And that is more instinctive knowing.

What is the meaning of a.o.?

a.o. = amongst others and/or affect and obstruction
The seal is an energetic and informational obstruction, like a road block. But without an alternative route….


This is analysis is a real breakthrough from my perspective.

Validation of the experience is a critical step in the recovery process. These results are only the beginning and represent clear evidence to support my claims.

My hope is that additional research and investigation into this mysterious medical procedure I received will help us create a road map to assist future MILAB survivors, abductees, experiencers, contactees, mind control victims, targeted individuals and members of the secrets space programs reclaim all that has been taken from them.

I have authorized the necessary action to lift the seals and unblock my memory functions.

I choose to remember!


This past week during a contact experience I was told, “they are going to come for you.” Before I act on somethings I like to have multiple points of correlation. Plus I didn’t want to generate fear so I didn’t tell anyone.

Sure enough, 24 hrs before my arrival to Amsterdam I get a call from someone I trust that offered to pick me up from the airport. I agreed. The moment I cleared baggage control, operations specialist with the clandestine security services (intelligence personal) began tactical surveillance. I waited at the baggage point where there was lights and people.

My escort arrived a few minutes later and said “I came to get you because you have been targeted. they are not here to kill you, only observe you. you travel here a lot these days and considerd “persona non grata.” when you shake the system, it shakes back at this point.”

With an escort from the airport, those in my network believed these operatives would not have an opportunity to cause harm. Unlike a late night train ride across the Netherlands with few people and no security or police on duty.

In the past, I have been reminded to “respect protection, don’t enjoy it.”

I’m writing this post because I must now live a more public life for my own safety. Should anything ever happen to me. If I’m ever killed in a mysterious accident or some random act of violence, please encourage the authorities to investigate.

It was most likely a homicide!

Joshua Hartloper © Copyright Notice

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