Sketchy contact with mysterious Navy personnel almost ended my Army service before it began

Prior to my spiritual awakening, I worked for about ten years in private intelligence, corporate security and investigations. I attended the American Military University, where I studied Intelligence and Counter-terrorism in a school predominately fueled by current and former members of the intelligence community, federal law enforcement agencies and major defense contractors. As a matter of fact, in most cases, I was the only person in my classes that what was not active duty military or currently working for the military industrial complex.


My private sector career was the direct result of a voluntary enlistment in the U.S. Army Rangers, an elite airborne military unit within the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). Special forces personnel don’t have a wide range of employment options after the military. Oddly enough, I tried to get a job as a concierge with a Hilton Beach Resort. However, I found myself working in security and risk management instead.

The risk management job with Hilton, led me to another specialized job in private security and so on and so forth for about ten years. Each step on the path was designed to bring me closer and closer to the work I was programed to perform within the secret space programs; infiltration and other covert operations. I have already revealed memories surrounding the day I was returned to my family at seventeen years old. I believe I was victimized and subjected to a sinister MILAB program (military abduction and mind control program) ran by an unacknowledged faction within the U.S. military industrial complex that works in tandem with malevolent non-terrestrial groups.

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I touched on these MILABs experiences during my recent interview in Poland with PorozmawiajmyTV.  I believe part of my program was to ensure a path that would lead to me work for the government in an intelligence related capacity once I completed my time in the secret space programs. Backup plan was to cause me to self destruct, or something worse if they couldn’t regain control. I believe these people wanted to frame me and use me for something terrible, but they have failed in their attempts to turn me into a patsy.

God has a different plan for my life. I’m here to do good in this world.

Now I continue to recall memories and work diligently to heal the traumas suffered from my exposure to these evil mind control programs. The more memories I uncover, the more seemingly random events in my life start to make sense. Strange connections with people and places around this world and beyond. Familiarity with weapons, tactics and training I thought I never knew, etc. Watch the Bourne film series based on the character Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), a CIA assassin suffering from memory loss who must figure out his true identity.


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This brings me to the time I decided to enlist in the U.S. Army as a teenager. Before I decided to join the Army, I spoke with recruiters with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). I wanted to work in the Directorate of Operations, now referred to as the National Clandestine Service (NCS). These are the folks posted in foreign countries to obtain secret information and conduct covert operations on behalf of the United States. Recruiters explained that military combat experience and service in the special forces would be a great first step, so I decided to enlist in military intelligence.

In the beginning, I met with both Navy and Army recruiters. But was denied entry into the Navy due to an earlier A.D.D. diagnosis. For those reading this blog that do not know, A.D.D. (attend deficit disorder) is one way potential candidates are screened and identified for black operations. Many in the new thought (New Age) movement believe there is no such thing as A.D.D. because a new human consciousness emerging that mainstream society does not seem to understand. Anyone that learns differently or has an abstract way seeing the world is labeled or “diagnosed” and prescribed medications to make them more inclined to obey the controllers. Standardized tests and regular visits to so called “specialists” are also ways in which these covert intelligence groups are known to gain access to children for mind control purposes and indoctrination into these unacknowledged special access projects (USAPs).


After a few months, I decided to join the Army and pursue a career in military intelligence. Unfortunately, recruiters lied to me when I requested a position in human intelligence operations (HUMINT Collector). They told me I was not “qualified” for a position within the Intelligence Corps. I was offered an opportunity to attend the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP) instead. I guess enrollment numbers were low in the light infantry division that day. Recruiters made it sound like this was my BIG chance to qualify for one of the most prestigious military units in the world. I was young, naive and on my own with no family or friends close, so I didn’t hesitate to signed whatever they presented me with at the local Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) that afternoon.

With a deployment date scheduled, I returned home with an enlistment contract in my hands. I was enthusiastic, despite the fact that nothing had worked out as I had hoped. A few days, maybe no more than a week or two passed and then the telephone rang. It was a man who claimed to be with the Navy. He explained that my status had abruptly changed and I would be granted enlistment in the Navy with a contract to quality for a S.E.A.L team.

Navy SEALs are another elite member of the Joint Special Operations Command.

When I told the man I was already scheduled to deploy with the Army, he asked me to request a transfer to the Navy. He assured me I would be accepted. He was very persistent. He really wanted me to join the Navy. I found this odd because they had already turned me away. They wanted me to become an electrician or something else before I would be given a chance to quality for a special operations unit. Meanwhile, the Army had already assured me I’d move quickly through the special forces selection phase. I declined the Navy’s offer and went with the Army Ranger contract. The sketchy recruiter was not pleased I rejected the Navy’s offer and he slammed the telephone down in protest.

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This experience with the Navy marks a significant revelation in my narrative because testimony from government whistleblowers and SSP insiders claim the U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is the lead agency responsible for the creation of a covert space program. Based on what I know and remember so far, my experiences with these MILABs (military abduction and mind control programs) does involve the Navy, CIA and Marine Corps. Seems logical to think they’d rather me gravitate to the Navy, or possibly the Marne Corps or CIA since ONI is operating a vast infrastructure in space.

I will continue to investigate the narrative of my own life history and work diligently to uncover my memories for as long as it takes. These evil people will never win!  As of today, I have been unable to obtain a copy of my medical records from the Department of Defense (DoD). I have filed numerous official requests with the appropriate offices at the DoD in an effort to uncover something in these records that will bring me closer to the truth.

Each time I have submitted a formal request, I received a letter that claims they CAN NOT locate my MEDICAL RECORDS. Furthermore, they note my request has been forward to the Human Resources Command for investigation. I recently submitted a new records request to the National Archives as part of a much broader Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) into my military history. This time they responded with something different….I couldn’t believe it…wait for it…READY?  lol (sarcastic voice)

Please contact the Office of Veterans Affairs. WTF???  SERIOUSLY!!!

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