Secrets of the Blue Lady – Pt. 2


Things were not good between Juan, Lori and myself. Alice and I were also holding on to our relationship by a thread. It was clear in my mind that it was time to let go and move on, but I resisted the inevitable changes that were brewing for several months. Pain was near and I could feel it drop down into my body.

I needed a break from it all, so I decided to head into the mountains. For months and months, an endearing thought voice whispered, “Joshua go to the mountain.” I still don’t know why I waited so long to answer the call. Maybe it was because there always seemed to be something incredible happening in my life, I just couldn’t hold onto more.

The MILAB experiences (military abductions) were bad. The ET/Human hybridization experiments I witnessed at the behest of the intruder races were even worse. Or maybe it was simply the miraculous healings that unfolded in my sessions regularly. Take your pick. Either way, I can admit I had cold feet. But now I felt it was my time and I was prepared.

Over the next few days, I set my intention on the local mountain range. And I eagerly replied to the thought voice, “OK…I’m going to the mountains this week.”

“We know…” the extraterrestrials replied.

“What’s going to happen there?” I asked. “Why do you always want me to go into the mountains?”

I knew they feared getting to close to the village in their spacecraft because of what happened last time. “Its too dangerous!” the Blue Lady explained once before.. “Please go to the mountains!”

I agreed to play along. Although I didn’t feel the hesitation to land another ETV (extraterrestrial vehicle) in my backyard had anything to do with the threats I faced from military/government/intelligence (men in black) personnel afterwards.


After I packed my backpack and filled a sack with fruit, I proceeded to hike at least two hours along the main road to a fort midway up the mountain. The fort was used in the old days as a lookout position to spot incursions from North Africa. And remnants of that fort still remains today.

When I finally arrived to my resting place, I settled in for the night and prepared my sleeping bag with a squishy foam mat. I stood on the end of the lookout and reached out with my mind,

“Ok. I’m here. Here I am. Now what?”

I waited patiently for a response and nothing happened. Suddenly, a few hikers stumbled upon my camp and started me. I grabbed my chest and released a deep sigh of relief. I was really nervous and peeved at the same time. I had no idea what to expect so, I continued to pace back and forth in anticipation that something was bound to take place any moment.

That’s when something incredible happened.

As I looked out toward the coastline, I caught a bright flash of light in my peripheral vision. My head snapped right and there was a large reddish purple sphere just floating in the air about 150 meters from my location at the top of the fort.

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Rendition of the purple sphere that guided Joshua to the first portal



The sphere began to blink like it had a pulse. Although, the blinking wasn’t blinking, it was more of a cascade effect. The light was streaming down the object. And it appeared to enfold around the sphere as the light was recycled for the next apparent “flash.”

Once my eyes were locked onto the sphere as it hoovered silently, the object darted to my left and proceeded toward the mountain. I watched patiently as the sphere flew into nature before disappearing from view completely. My first guess was the object simply flew into the mountain.

Awestruck – I sat in silence on the fort.

Tired from a long and blistering hot day hiking up the rugged trail, I waited a little longer hoping for another contact. But nothing happened and I didn’t receive any further telepathic communications either. It was time to sleep, so I curled up in my sleeping bag and passed out.

That night I had an remarkable dream.

The dream started with me pointing to the sky as a sphere drifted down toward to the Earth. Inside the sphere was a little humanoid being; only a few inches tall. When the sphere being got close enough, I instinctively began to write the message it communicated to me telepathically.

Two females were standing beside me in the dream. I could only see their silhouettes, no faces. Then a powerful voice said,

“These will be among the first.”


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