For many years, I have worked tirelessly to purify the mental defilements and emotional blockages that sabotage life progress and keep one from realizing their full potential. Vipassana meditation, combined with extended periods of fasting (anywhere from 3 to 15 consecutive days, totaling up to 25 days in a month without food) have helped me speed up my spiritual development, improve my energy levels and release old traumas to ensure I drop density fast.

This past week, I volunteered to cook for a 10 day vipassana course while in the Netherlands for my first Blue Lady Artifacts presentation. Before the event, I spent almost a week preparing a slideshow complete with graphics and video, etc. Each day around lunchtime I would break for yoga and meditation or maybe stroll through the nearby park.

After one of my daily meditations, a gross defilement began to surface from deep inside my stomach and my consciousness drifted back to a point in my youth when life took a drastic and unexpected turn. I spent the mid-90’s in South Carolina where I was groomed for a life playing professional golf on the PGA Tour. I grew up with many household names you would probably know well if you follow the sport. As I write this post, a quick Google check shows a few have since risen to become PGA Tour champions.


Industry veterans within our regional network strongly believed I had what it takes to compete at the highest levels. When it was discovered I was a “natural” as they say, someone with a real gift for playing the game, my family and friends invested a great deal of effort to help me achieve my dream to one day become a PGA Tour professional. I had the best equipment and top coaches, I played in the most popular and highly respected tournaments to ensure the “right” people knew who I was, I attended summer training camps organized by NCAA Division I leading universities. ie. Clemson and Furman. I could go on…

I was a good player. But I became unstable.

Strange ideas and desires began to dominate my thinking about the same time I experienced my first known UFO encounter. I started to lose interest in golf. Instead, I became obsessed with alien abduction scenarios, AREA 51, alien autopsy footage, document forgery, assassinations and covert intelligence operations. I was also diagnosed with A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder) through a combination of standardized tests and private consultations with a “specialist.” The test results were shared with my guidance counselor at school and special permission was granted to accommodate my “condition” which included occasional trips off campus for unknown reasons. It’s hard to say what happened first. The diagnosis or the strange ideas. Either way, I’m almost certain the alien abductions started long before covert factions within the military industrial complex took an unhealthy interest.

Nevada, Test Range, Military, Complex


At school, I bounced around the halls from clique to clique. Like a “chameleon” I was able to blend seemlessly with every peer group I explored inside and outside the classroom. However, no matter where I went or what I did, I always had one foot in the golf world and felt like a stranger in my own clothes. Most of the time, I was the observer. Never fully understood and desperate for a deeper connection to those in my orbit. I only had a few friends, but they were good friends. My family lived in an affluent neighborhood on a championship golf course so, I grew up with nice things to share with those closest.



The MILAB (military mind control and alien abduction) experience I will now reveal takes place at our family’s home on this golf course and includes a brief narration.


I’m standing near our sloped driveway in front of the basketball court. I dont know where I’m going or where I’m coming from. I’m paralyzed and I know I’m in my body, but I can’t move it. Think anaesthesia.  And the sensation is as if everything in my mind is organized like a filmstrip and there is a gap in the film before / after this particular scene. Like the memories have been cut out and removed from the filmstrip.

Please understand I’m an advanced vipassana meditator with many years experience working at the deepest, most finite levels of mind and sensation. My mind is razor sharp and my awareness clean. From this space, I’m able to dissect these memories as they arise and fall because my body knows everything the mind has lived and experienced.

All of the sudden, my uncle appears from behind the house. He was wandering somewhere near the golf course and made his way to the front of the house through a large mulch bed in our yard adjacent to the garage which was concealed by a tree on the corner.

He walks up to me and says,

“Hi Josh, where you coming from?”

Friends and family called me Josh in those days.

“Umm…the club.” I replied.

Club is short for clubhouse. This is where the golf course administration lives.

“Why was the military here?” he asks.

“What military?” I replied.

“What do you mean you didn’t see them?” he asks with a puzzled look on his face. “They were standing right here!”

“I don’t know. I didn’t see them.”

“Where are your [golf] clubs?”

“At the shop. I’m tired. I’m going inside. I’ll pick them [the golf clubs] up later.”

Shop refers to pro shop. The main golf course registration counter where you pay and reserve a tee time.

“Alright” he answered.


When I go into this memory sequence, I can see the boots of an unidentified soldier as he steps into a military vehicle. We planted a row of bushes near our mailbox ontop of the hill because we lived on a curb. People would speed through our neighborhood and the sound generated by the moving vehicles was disruptive at times. The bushes helped buffer sound from the busy street and looked much better than cars plowing down the road. Through those bushes, I can see the soldiers boots and a military type vehicle parked on the street.

Its still unclear where I returned from that afternoon. Although, I feel this maybe the moment I was returned to my family after serving off world as part of a covert supersolider program. I was a member of numerous secret space programs and have served on Mars and underground facilities.

My codename was VINCENT.

Joshua Hartloper © Copyright Notice


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