That summer seemed to last forever as I began to explore the depths of my emotional healing with real vigor. I never would have guessed it could be that hard. Thankfully, I was surrounded by kindred spirits that inspired change and helped to create a safe and sacred space for the excellence of being to reveal itself.

I stayed at a close friends house on the Mediterranean coast that summer. It was a turbulent time and felt like I was dredging the swamp almost daily. Deep pain and feelings of despair surfaced, among others. Much of it was tied to the many unhealed traumas from my encounters with malevolent extraterrestrials. Specifically, the sinister Human-ET hybridization programs I witnessed and the behest of Greys and Reptilians.

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Reptilian Spaceship Commander

One evening I decided to watch Dr. Steven Greer’s SIRIUS documentary.

As I stretched out on the couch and began to stream the film I started to drift away to dreamland. I watched the movie just long enough to see the part where they explained what a CE5 (close encounter of the fifth kind) exhibition was and demonstrated the protocols for making human initiated contact with extraterrestrials using crop circle tones captured and recorded from past ET-related contact experiences.


Summers on the Mediterranean in the South of Spain are extremely hot. Spain is mostly dry land riddled with stone earth the closer you get to North Africa. Nights are cool after the sun goes down because the stone and earth cool.  Because of the dramatic temperature shift at night, I would take a mattress from a small single person bed in the guestroom and sleep on the terrace at night.

This would be a night I wouldn’t soon forget.

I remember laying on my back gazing up at the night sky before falling asleep. Without warning, I awakened to a sudden rush of energy and highly negative thoughts that entered my personal space from an outside source. Horrible images flooded my mind that caused me to become overwhelmed with fear and a plethora of emotion. For example, images about the death and mutilation of loved ones, etc.

I panicked and tried to scream but I couldn’t even hear the sound of my own voice. I began to cry uncontrollably as I resisted the intrusion. I couldn’t move because I was paralyzed. I felt like I was floating as I was drained of my vital life force energy. I continued in this state for several minutes and I thought death had arrived.


Then I was released from paralysis and fell to the ground. I landed on the single person mattress on the terracde. I was covered in sweat and tears. I attempted to lift myself up to confront the intruders. However, I was so exhausted I couldn’t move my body. For a split second I was able to lift my head and open my eyes.  At the foot of my bed I noticed a massive reptilian.

WE HAVE YOUR MIND the reptilian screamed using telepathic communication.

Then the reptilian vanished.

Reptilians, Disclosure, Aliens, Contact

Reptilians are known for energy vampirism.

A few hours later I awoke as the hot morning sunrise made it uncomfortable stay on the terrace. I dragged my limp body into the house and found my way to the couch. Here I was able to sleep a few more hours and recharge just long enough to make it to the kitchen for food and drink.

I believe this was the same reptilian I had encountered during previous contact experiences some years earlier. And it may have been the crop circle tones from the SIRIUS documentary CE5 exhibition that attracted attention to my location that night. Let me be clear, I’m not saying anyone is to blame for this horrific experience. I’ve had a number of very positive CE5 contacts which I will discuss in future posts and in my book The Emperors Playground.

…it is what it is.

I am saying these tones could be monitored by both malevolent and benevolent visitors. We cant discount this possibility. Its logical. This wasn’t the first encounter I’ve had with these negative beings. Each contact followed my exposure to these crop circle tones published by the disclosure project. Anyone who follows the disclosure movement knows there are those that don’t what humanity to commune with the celestial or promote a benevolent ET presence narrative when full disclosure takes place.


That night I did not reach out with my mind as did on previous occasions. I have remote viewed this reptilian inside his spaceship once before. It looked as if he was sitting on throne inside a spacecraft manned by greys that were harvesting genetics from this small rural village on the mediterranean. the moment I made contact with this reptilian he stood up to acknowledge and signal he detected my presence.

I choose to remember!

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