The Emperors Playground

The Emperor's Playground

Joshua Hartloper will take you on an extraordinary journey of the soul.  In this compelling true story, The Emperor’s Playground inspires readers with a surprising and riveting personal journey of spiritual awakening.

From the front lines of a conflict that has existed for thousands of years, The Emperor’s Playground reveals the ongoing struggle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness surrounding humanity’s spiritual evolution and explores the personal obstacles Joshua overcame to unlock one of the greatest mysteries of our time.

Based on more than four years of extensive contact with higher universal intelligences, extraterrestrials, secret space programs and an elusive blue lady thought to be from an ancient inner earth civilization; Joshua provides a startling synopsis for what ascension means and a blueprint for how to achieve it.

The Emperor’s Playground enables readers to participate fully in his gripping discoveries. By synthesizing the experiential wisdom gleaned from hundreds of healing sessions, dream research, channeled material, out of body journeys and otherworldly phenomenon, Joshua presents humanity with profound insights and details of a celestial event that will transform every aspect of the human experience as we now know it.

You may find it hard to view our world the same way again after reading this book.


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