Perfect Harmonics™


Perfect Harmonics™ is an evolutionary new form of energetic work in development by Joshua Hartloper. It’s a new approach to healing that has achieved wonders and helped people from around the world improve their lives and strengthen their connection to Source.

During each session, the recipient’s connection to their spiritual essence is enhanced. It is a focused intention to restore balance and communication within three intelligent systems: the physical body, the energetic body and the Source field.

When a dialogue between the facilitator and recipient begins, you can observe the involuntary movement of the physical body as the energy body is restructured. This is the first time energy flow manifests in such a real and measurable way.

You can see it and you can feel.

This advancement doesn’t specifically “treat” anything. Once the communication between the energy body and physical body improves, your entire life undergoes positive change that accelerates your healing and evolution.

Experience true freedom and strengthen your connection to Source with a new approach to energy healing that helps renew the body, mind, emotions and spirit.


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