Energy intuitive launches new website and international tour to promote energy healing services around the world

Altea (Alicante), Spain.- June 05, 2018 – Suffering from adverse health conditions and unhappiness, people around the world are searching for new ways to heal their bodies and balance their lives. Seeking to facilitate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing, Joshua Hartloper is pleased to announce the launch of his new website and European tour.

“Every day we help people struggling with mental and emotional imbalances, sleeping disorders, chronic pain and muscle tension, and consequences chemotherapy among others, yet many people are still unfamiliar with the power of energy healing,” explains Joshua Hartloper. “I hope my new website can help people better understand the healing services I offer and empower those in need of a lasting change to try my energy work.”

Healing at the quantum level involves the transmission of newly re-established light and information frequencies into the energetic field that exists inside and outside of the human body to remind the body how to vibrate at healthier and happier states. During each session, Joshua uses his hands or another instrument to release disruptions in the recipient’s bio-energy field to correct imbalances which allow the physical body to shift back to a state of health and wellness.

Because every person is different and responds to the healing process differently, the results of a session can not be guaranteed. However, through quantum energy healing, many people have experienced relief from major health challenges such as arthritis, cancers, tumors, depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction and many other conditions that have not responded to traditional methods.

“The new healing modalities I offer don’t specifically “treat” anything” explains Hartloper. “During each session you allow yourself to come back into balance and then you simply heal the way you are intended. In my view, everyone receives a healing, it just might not manifest in a way recognizable to them at that particular moment. Some healings demonstrate their effectiveness immediately, others can take time to unfold.”

Those not contending with a health issue also benefit from energy healing.  Many recipients enjoy more energy, mental clarity and improved creativity while others report empowerments such as renewed self-confidence, discovery of hidden talents, greater ease to forgive and move on, as well as other soul-transforming experiences.

Well-organized and easy to navigate, the new website provides answers many common questions about energy healing, and provides detailed information as to what each client can expect during and after a session.

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About Joshua Hartloper

Joshua Hartloper is an internationally respected energy intuitive, professional lecturer, mentor, author and storyteller best known for helping people around the world achieve wondrous things. He is available for workshops, demonstrations and speaking engagements worldwide.

Joshua Hartloper Announces European Tour


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